School Pick and Drop Packages

Our goal is to ensure that your daily school run runs smoothly and safely. You can pick up and drop off your children at staggered times, making the process convenient for you. You can be sure your kids will arrive safely at their destination because our drivers are trained to drive safely. School pick up & Drop off Monthly service, your car & our driver, 10 hours a day 5 days a week for the total cost of AED 5,500 per month.


AED 30 per additional hour will be charged for services Discount #1: On 6 month package, 10% discount if you choose to pay upfront. Discount #2: On 12 month package, 15% discount if you choose to pay upfront.

Dedicated Drivers

Our school service driver pick-up is dedicated to picking up and dropping off your kids every day. Due to the specialized nature of this service, our best drivers have been hand-picked for the job.

Always On Time

Your children rely on you to be on time, which is why our school pick-up and drop-off service ensures that they arrive on time.

Real Time Monitoring

Our mobile app allows you to check the location of your kid’s car for added peace of mind. Tracking your child’s every move and making sure they arrive safely at their destination is easy with our navigation tracking system.

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